Client: Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Trust


Steve Almond

Traxon Lighting

John Haughton

Bridewell Studios

Prescot St

Liverpool L7 8UL

Studio - 0151 280 4337
Mobile - 07801551226

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A hospital is more than just a building: it is a living machine and a machine for living.

The work as a whole alludes to a simple, precious and fascinating human commonality: the beat of the heart.

Led lighting, medical monitoring equipment and control devices, embue the work different aspects.

At rest it breaths a blue light, interacted with it becomes a heart rate monitor, on the hour it is a clock and two infrared beams

set into the landscape design trigger two other moving sequences when tripped.


Following our initial proposal for the Iconic Artwork for The Manchester Children’s Hospital, we have further refined and

developed the proposal into what we believe is a wholly original and exciting piece of interactive art. The sculpture is an

inanimate object that becomes animated through the presence and action of people in varied and changeable ways.

The sculpture aims to catch attention in a visceral manner, through its form, textures and movement. After this initial impression, however, there are further layers of meaning and interactivity. These allow forms of accessibility through a sense of fun and playfulness to education and information for all ages.

The sculpture is formally sympathetic to the architecture, it is the beating heart of the hospital. The piece initially has very clear functions, effects and opportunities for interaction. These can be changed in the future.

The work is programmed with three fixed functions and never needs to be touched again. However, we have developed the

work as an object that can entirely change in its functions and interactive capabilities. It allows for artists or patient groups to re-programme in the future.