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Bridewell Studios

Prescot St

Liverpool L7 8UL

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Anyone who has a heart

Flip Gate

Coast to Coast ‘C’

Coast to Coast

‘Second Sun’

Skull Anamorphic

I am interest in the relationship between art and design and the roles art and design can play in everyday life. Works include public realm pieces, integrated installations, furniture, film and digital technologies. I work with new technologies alongside traditional skills within the context of shared public and private space.

Recent Work

As lead artist for ESLA Academy Liverpool and working with BDP architects, S-Line and Zee where completed in November 2013.

Arx, is a creative play piece for Grosvenor Park Chester, which wraps around a tree.

Elizabeth for SWB Science and Engineering Academy Wolverhampton, uses solar energy to power uploadable films. Integrated art and design work throughout the new PFI build for Chilton Secondary School in Bridgewater with HLM architects.

The Worker’s Memorial Day Commission at the Health & Safety Executive headquarters.

The ‘iconic’ work for the new Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, which takes your heartbeat and represents it in led pulsating lights.

My most recently completed work is the new Plaza Commission for Oxford Brookes University ‘Upload’. I am currently working on commission’s for Pill, Newport. This project is to work within the footprint of a demolished house using two gable ends at a busy interchange on Commercial St. Also for the concept design and build of a Bandstand for Milton Keynes Council.

An ongoing date for another commission began on Easter Sunday (04/04/2010). A solar alignment took place at ‘C’ (part of the Coast to Coast project near Sunderland). Looking east at sunrise through the circular aperture of the black Granite sculpture, viewers could see a perfect alignment of the circle, the sun and the lighthouse  an event that will only occur on four more Easter Sundays on this date, this century. For those who can’t wait, the alignment will happen twice every year on less significant dates, one of which is 04/04, at 7.30 am.


Remote controlled video sculptures and gable end murals

Newport City Council


Milton Keynes Council

Atrium Sculpture

Intu Potteries Stoke